Houdini 13.0 HScript commands

Aligns the capture and animation (deform) regions.


  1. bonealigncapture [-c] bone_objects

Sets either capture or animation parameters of bones and their capture regions.

The default usage (without '-c' parameter) will align the animation (deform) region with the capture region. It will reset capture regions of an animation bone setup to match that of a capture setup. It clears any distortions of captured geometry (skin) caused by the change of bone position or orientation.

This command is useful during a rigging process. After the geometry has been captured any change in bone position is treated as animation. However during the rigging process, joints are often shifted and adjusted to improve animation. Changing a joint position will cause deformation of the captured geometry, which is not desirable. To reset any deformations of the geometry run this command on the bones whose position or orientation has been modified.



Sets the capture parameters of bones and their capture regions so the capture region is aligned with the current non-capture (animation or deform) location of the region. If this option is not specified, the command aligns the animation pose with capture pose.


bonealigncapture /obj/bone1 /obj/bone2
Resets the distortion of the captured object after bone1 and bone2 have been moved.

bonealigncapture /obj/bone_chain*
Resets the capture regions to the capture configuration (for the whole bone chain)

bonealigncapture -c /obj/chain_bone*
Sets capture parameters of all bones in a chain to match their corresponding animation setup.

bonealigncapture -c *bone*
Sets capture parameters on all bones (for example, to bring capture parameters up to date for old hip file in order to use new capture system).